What You Should Know About Me

I’m Tolu Ajiboye, a freelance health writer. I love helping healthcare brands and companies communicate effectively with their target audience. Whether it’s case studies, whitepapers or simply blog posts, I’m committed to presenting my clients impressively through words. I’ve got extensive experience in the wellness, biotech, medical technology, healthcare IT and dermatology sub-industries.

I’ve created health and medical content for past and current clients like The Americord Registry, Healthgrades, American Family Care, Multiply Labs, Seasons Recovery Centers Malibu, Multiply Labs, Prepared Health and The Vitamin Shoppe.

I’m also a contributor to publications like NBC News, The Guardian Uk, The Entrepreneur Magazine, Very well Health, The Huffington Post and The Establishment.

Fun fact: I’m a lawyer too!

Why Hire Me?

Blog Posts
In the online world, content is key. Marketing research shows that blogging is very effective for inbound marketing. As of last year, companies that blog are 13x more likely to generate a positive marketing ROI. This means if you aren’t blogging yet, you’re losing out on a lot of leads. I can help you create high quality and informative posts for your site or blog. While my main niches are health, human welfare and beauty, I’m able to write on almost any other subject too. I also have knowledge of ethical SEO which can be incorporated into posts if wanted/needed.
These are very useful in establishing your site or business as an authority in its chosen field. Having me on your content team to help create well-researched and highly informative material will be a smart business move.
Ghostwriting Services
You want to build a reputation in your industry as a leader and expert in it, but you simply don’t have the time to do so? If your answer to that is yes, I can definitely help. I can craft professional standard articles on your behalf.
Newsletter Writing
E-mail marketing remains the most effective form of marketing for a business. Statistics show that for every $1 spent, the average return on email marketing investment is $44.25. What’s important is not just getting your potential customers to read your mails, it’s getting them actually interested in what they’re reading which then manifests as conversions. Hire me to create the content in your newsletters and see a positive ROI.

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